You got to Move it Move it!


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Talking on the phone. What to do: Stand up. With your
feet hip-width apart and your knees directly over your
ankles, imagine yourself squeezing a balloon between
your shins. This squeezing motion, called adduction, will
strengthen your adductor muscles of the inner thighs and
hips to help keep you stable.

Walking down a hallway. What to do: Find a safe, clear
hallway and walk down it backward at least once a day. This
exercise requires coordination of reversed foot mechanics
and the transfer of weight in the less familiar backward
direction. The first time you do this, look over your
shoulder and count the number of steps it takes until you
reach the end. After that, you can count out that number
of steps in your head while keeping your gaze forward. If
you feel unsteady, reach out to the wall on either side of
you or have someone with you. Gazing forward is easier on
the neck, and you can’t use sight to orient yourself in the
familiar forward direction.

Most important: In addition to these exercises, find an
enjoyable activity that keeps you on your feet. Whether
it’s dancing, playing table tennis, flying a kite or walking
your dog, the more you move, the better your balance!

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